CPHA Bursary

CPHA has allocated some funds to support students who wish to take the given by visiting Masters.
This applies to Master Level courses only. Bursaries do not apply to Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing or Pranic Psychotherapy or other courses taught by local instructors.

Master level courses are less frequent and visiting masters from out of the country cannot be expected to take post dated cheques.

Bursaries awarded are up to 50 percent of course costs; and up to a maximum of $300. A committee of senior teachers evaluates applications.

Please apply in writing, at least one month before the course date

You must address the following criteria:

~ Applicants must be members of CPHA.

~ CPHA’s key goal is to support the spread of Pranic Healing across Canada.
Applicants are asked to tell us how they, in turn, support the spread of Pranic Healing e.g. by volunteering at local clinics, holding meditations, giving demonstrations, attending trade fairs etc. We know that some communities have centres and others don’t; and that opportunities for volunteering differ across Canada so just let us know what it is that you do or plan to do.

~ How often do applicants do the Twin Hearts meditation?

Please email your application to Alice the CPHA secretary: canadianpranichealing@gmail.com
 and for more information 403-918-6225/403-870-6719

The CPHA Board thanks all of you for your support.